Launch of MGI's Coastal Dynamics Modelling Laboratory

The launch of MGI's Coastal Dynamics Modelling Laboratory forms part of the expansion of coastal and oceanographic research at the institute, making accessible to researchers and policy-makers data and simulations about our inshore and offshore areas. The CDML, developed by Dr Ava Maxam and Dr Kioshi Mishiro, is the visualization and data portal of MGIBlue, the coastal studies division of the institute. Numerical models are used by the scientists depict the movement of water, sediment, nutrients, chemicals and even biological organisms in water. Applications range from predicting when an oil spill may end-up on shore to locating where fish larvae are likely to thrive. This informs analysis and decision-making of our coastal and fishing zones, particularly how these processes affect our way of life. Simulations like these are crucial for planning, response and mitigation against disasters such as toxic spills, storm surge flooding, shoreline erosion and sea-level rise.