Satellite Imagery

  MGI offers high resolution, affordable DigitalGlobe® satellite imagery in partnership with GeoOrbis, Inc. of Barbados. MGI is now offering DigitalGlobe's®  newly released Advanced Elevation Series product. DigitalGlobe’s Advanced Elevation Series produces high accuracy Digital Surface Models and Digital Terrain Models that serve as key building blocks for successful exploration, engineering, land management and simulation. MGI also offers both Archived and New Collect satellite imagery. ARCHIVED IMAGERY refers to imagery already collected in the MGI image library. This type of imagery features a delivery time of 6 working days from time of order. NEW COLLECT IMAGERY refers to imagery that has not yet been collected. This type of imagery is specific to client request and requires longer delivery time. A collection window of 90 days is suggested for New Collect Imagery to ensure sufficient time for collection of imagery that meets your specification.