Client Mapping and Analysis, JN Small Business Loans Limited (JNSBL)


JN Small Business Loans Limited (JNSBL) was interested in using GIS to better understand their client base, and specifically analyze data being collected from their clients using GPS units. MGI subsequently created a GIS database of JNSBL’s clients, wherein all loans and client locations are mapped island-wide, and from which spatial analyses on the information associated with these loans were carried out.  The spatial analyses conducted included identifying which areas were saturated and /or unsaturated and consequently where should marketing activities be concentrated, which areas have high delinquency or an above average delinquency, how far are clients from major towns, JNSBL offices or Field Officers and how far does a field officer have to travel to monitor clients on his portfolio.  JNSBL now has its entire client base mapped using handheld GPS units, the first company in the region to do so. MGI also trained the JNSBL staff in maintaining the GIS database created, and handing over the project to them.