GasLo is MGI’s debut into the mobile programming arena. GasLo is a BlackBerry mobile application that will be added to MGI’s reservoir of applications and skill sets. The GasLo application allows users to find gas stations that are closest and cheapest to them. All gas stations are already mapped from MGI’s JAMNAV GPS development, and are now being activated and utilized for this development.

Users with or without GPS-equipped phones can use this application to locate gas stations. The user is guaranteed to see the most up-to-date prices, as prices shown on the application will be updated weekly as individual gas stations change them. Critically, however, MGI can also capture customer usage information, to track customer behaviour when using the application. MGI can determine if customers prefer a particular brand of gas station, what time of day do people typically search for gas stations, and if they prefer price or convenience in selecting which gas station they decide to use.

This initial foray into mobile applications development is only the start. By being completely in control of the application content, MGI can leverage its own data and software in developing customized solutions for clients. MGI is not solely dependent on freely-available applications, such as Google Maps, and is in position to immediately change content as updates are required, or per client specifications. Existing software functionalities, and even existing mobile application software, can use MGI’s data and function modules for inclusion in a wider system.

The path towards mobile application development unites GIS and computer science in a fashion that continues a trend that has started long ago at MGI.