MapStream is a social media mapping tool that tracks events being reported, discussed and followed, organizes them by theme (flooding, landslides, traffic, crime, elections, etc) and pre-mapped locations. Combinations of both would then be automatically mapped, where, for example, reports of heavy traffic in Half-Way-Tree can be automatically mapped, where MapStream is configured for traffic mapping; reports of flooding in Half-Way-Tree would not be mapped under this configuration. Since all communities in Jamaica are already mapped by MGI, this tool simply displays the appropriate community whenever the community-theme combinations coincide.

MapStream is a fully automated event tracking engine that takes reports from various sources such as social networks and news sources and exposes the formatted data via an API. This data can then be used to build other services like event alert systems and automatically updating web maps. In the first iteration of the MapStream platform we will build a web map that displays geo-referenced points for various incidents based on social information gleaned from a range of web services.

This application takes the data from the server and displays it as events on a web map. It provides tools to search the events as well as use a timeline to filter them chronologically.