Software Development



The iCampus provides an interactive web based map of the University of the West Indies Mona Campus. Users are able to search for any building on the campus as well as use the features availible to become more familiar with the university.


The Advantage General Insurance interactive web based map provides users with Hazard Profiles on a community basis.


JAMPRO Trade and Invest 1Map is a customized Google based web map that displays information for prospective investors in Jamaica locally and internationally.

NHM 1Map

MonaGIS's interactive Natural Hazards 1Map application displays an archive of the distribution of natural hazards - storm surges, wind storm events, flooding, and landslides - spatially across Jamaica and across time. Spectacular hazard events generate a lot of attention, but people also need to realize that that hazard event may have happened in the same locale before, and that areas may experience multiple hazards

HAJ 1Map

The Housing Agency of Jamaica's 1Map is a framework customized by Mona GeoInformatics to show housing projects and geographical assets in close proximity.